Hello I'm Ernesto

I love making fun small projects and learning new things in the process. I’m interested in computer science, physics, math, and pretty much everything else. Check out my Blog/Articles. to see what I’ve been doing.

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Latest Articles:
Learning Blog [3]
A journey to scripting Rust: Array Rank Polymorphism
22 March, 2023 ¦ Rust ¦ code ¦ math
A library to handle N-dimensional arrays with Numpy-level ergonomics is possible in Rust.
Learning Blog [2]
Who needs Haskell?, Straight to Rust Hell.
28 December, 2022 ¦ Rust ¦ code ¦ math
My dreams is being able to code with the abstraction level and elegance of Haskell, without all the roadblocks and inefficiencies that comes with it, and maybe Rust is the answer ...
I've been thinking,
On-demand learning is ruining the tech industry
10 Oct, 2022 ¦ learning ¦ work ¦ opinion
The more general is a piece of knowledge the least likely is for you to learn it with on-demand learning ...